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Deluxe Shower Bidet

This Shower Bidet System allows you to cleanse yourself in the easiest spot in the house, your shower. The stainless steel materials also allow you to keep this bidet / enema system installed full-time, so it will be ready whenever you want.

Installing this shower system is fairly easy. If you can install a shower head, you can install this system. First, you will remove your existing shower head. The you can install the included valve and hose. Then, you will reinstall your shower head. That's it! Soon you will be able to enjoy an enema or flush any time you wish.

You can use this shower system to cleanse and refresh before more intimate moments, or just on a regular basis. The 2-way valve is designed so that you can use your shower, bidet, or both at the same time.

This shower system is made from great materials. The hose is stainless steel, the fittings are made of heavy nickel plated brass, and everything you need is included in the kit.

This set comes with 2 different sized nozzles. One is 0.8" x 5", and the other 0.3" x 3.5". This type of system is sometimes called a Shower Shot, but this particular one is called Jim Diamond's Shower Bidet/Enema System.

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