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Femidom 3 Pk

Many women prefer to use the female condom for contraceptive purposes and for protection against sexually transmitted infections. These non-latex (polyurethane) condoms are suitable for use with water based personal lubricants

The Femidom is a lubricated condom for women. It is an effective method of contraception which protects against both pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs).

Unlike male condoms, Femidom does not restrict the penis, but gently lines the vagina, allowing both partners to relax and enjoy comfortable, sensitive love making. The Femidom is simple and easy to insert.

Women can be reassured that when used according to the instructions, Femidom is as effective as other barrier methods. The thin polyurethane that it is made from is extremely strong. In addition, there have been no reported allergic reactions to either Femidom or the non spermicidal lubricant.

Each condom is designed for one use only. 

Contains 3 female condoms.


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