Swingers: How to hunt for your perfect unicorn ?

Posted by Jenny on Aug 30, 2020

Hi! My name is Jenny, and my friends here at SexSells have asked for my help in both explaining what a "unicorn" is in the swinger's world, and how you and your partner can find one!

Why did my friends at SexSells ask me to write this article?

Well, I am a female swinger, and I am actually considered to be a "unicorn"!

So let's begin!

Jenny, what exactly is a "unicorn" considered to be in the swinger's lifestyle?

The term "unicorn" refers to a bisexual female, like me, who joins an already well-established couple in their bedroom for sexual encounters.

Finding a "unicorn" like me is a near mythic rarity, and hence is why women like me have been termed as being "unicorns".

Most people believe that couples who swing are only interested in finding and meeting other couples like themselves that are a part of the swinger lifestyle, but in most cases couples who swing typically are just seeking a single female "unicorn" that they can invite into their bedroom for a threesome.

How to Find Yourself the Perfect Unicorn

First of all, all "unicorns" are perfect because we're so difficult to find, so make sure you treat your unicorn with nothing but respect once you lure her into your sex life, because you will be very sad to lose her once you've gotten a taste of her.

Start Your "Unicorn" Search Online At SexSells

I suggest you start your unicorn search online at the SexSells Personals https://sexsells.com.au/personals for starters. SexSells provides a great place for sexually likeminded people to open up and discuss what they are seeking.

Make sure your SexSells ad has clear and sexy, but very tasteful pictures of both you and your significant other. In your description make sure to state what you’re into sexually, and what you'd like from your unicorn.

Most unicorns wait to be hunted, so when contacting a unicorn, make sure you read her ad in detail and tailor your opening message to explain why she's appealing to you, and that you can fulfill all of her wants, needs, and desires.

I think it's very important to make clear to all you hunters out there that unicorns aren't sluts, so don't speak down to us or make us feel like we are whores because we like having sex with couples that make us feel safe; Unicorns will NEVER enter into a couple's life unless they feel safe and comfortable at all times in their surroundings.

Make sure that both you and your significant other message the unicorn individually so she can get to know both of you as individuals; trust me, we want to know everything about the two of you just as much as you want to know about her.

There are various online sites and dating apps that claim they have "unicorn" members, but from my own personal experience most of these sites and apps are scams, so DO NOT waste your money on them.

The Unicorn Hunt Continued...How To Connect With A Unicorn At A Swinger's Club or Swinger's Party!

Two of the best places to find yourself a unicorn are at a swinger's club or at a swinger's party; they are super easy to spot out, but making a strong connection with them is up to you and your significant other.

Once you spot the unicorn you and your lover want to connect with I suggest the following:

1: Allow the female in your relationship to make the introductions: Unicorns feel more comfortable getting to know the Mrs. before the Mr.

2: When introducing yourselves to a unicorn at a club or party, ensure you are both participating as equals and show an interest in her in a non-sexual manner...unicorns love sex, but we hate creeps, so never come off as a "creepy couple" that is only interested in sex; if you just want a girl to screw then hire an escort, unicorns are not escorts, they want to enjoy threesomes just as much as you want to.

3: Make sure you show no signs of jealousy or drama; the quickest way to lose a unicorn is if they smell any jealousy or spot any signs of drama.

4: Make sure to be patient and not try to rush straight into the bedroom or come across as "pushy".

5: Don't be a dictator; Unicorns want to have just as much say in a sexual relationship as you do, so make sure she feels as if her voice is being heard.

6: Make sure your unicorn isn't in a relationship; cheating women have jealous lovers, so to avoid any drama with jealous boyfriend or spouse make sure your unicorn is not in a committed relationship. If she is, then ask her if her significant other is open to her having threesomes with other couples like yourselves.

7: Never be misleading about the relationship; make sure the unicorn understands that the relationship is only sexual in nature and that no one is looking for another serious girlfriend.

Do Not Mistake Your Unicorn as Your Love Interest

Please always keep in mind that a unicorn is not seeking love, only threesomes with you and your significant other, so keep make certain to always follow these rules with your unicorn:

Rule #1: Never try to have sex with a unicorn one-on-one without your significant other.

Rule #2: Unicorns DO NOT exist to satisfy your emotional needs; unicorns only want to enjoy threesomes with you and your significant other.

Rule #3: You must set clear boundaries about what you want from your unicorn; make sure she understands that neither you, nor your significant other, will ever have one-on-one sex with her.

Rule #4: The unicorn is not obligated to participate in your sex life; if the unicorn ever wants to leave the relationship then you MUST respect her wishes and leave her alone.

Rule #5: If your marriage is not going well then do not count on a unicorn to help fix your broken relationship.

Rule #6: Unicorns will never keep any secrets from either you or your significant other, so don't confide in your unicorn believing she might because she will not.

Rule #7: You NEVER own a unicorn and she will be having sex with other people; if you think that only you and your spouse are having sex with your unicorn then you better think again because unicorns love having sex, and we have sex with whomever we wish. If you ever tell your unicorn that she can't have sex with anyone but you and your significant other then 99 out of 100 times you will lose your unicorn forever.

Rule #8: Expect your unicorn to move on at anytime if they're bored; once unicorns get bored we move on from that boring relationship. Make sure you do things with your unicorn that make her happy so she'll want to stick around and play.