Are classifieds for sex just a thing of the past ?

Posted by The Sex Sells Team on Aug 18, 2020

Does anyone remember Craigslist personals?

Classifieds for Sex,

If you were a internet user prior to 2018 we are pretty sure you know what we are talking about whether you were a sex worker advertising or single and looking for that sexy mostly anonymous casual encounter no doubt you miss the fun as much as us !

For those of you who never had the chance to stumble across the personal section of Craigslist, Backpage , Cracker or Gumtree (that’s right even gumtree had a personals section) for online dating you really did miss out on something incredible, something that can never ever be replaced by a platform such as Tinder or Grindr there is something about classifieds that can only be replicated by well , classifieds.

What happened to online sex classifieds in Australia?

The only problem with the internet being global is actually that’s global,

Have you ever actually taken notice of where sites are hosted, what businesses own them, where these businesses are located and if the domain is actually even a or a .com.wherever ? Craigslist, Backpage , Cracker and Gumtree are all American businesses (often just .com) ,

Back in 2008 when laws were passed in the United States to combat sex trafficking (FOSTA/SESTA ) which seems to be a massive issue everywhere but Australia, these new laws which essentially banned all advertising for sex in America had unintentional consequences in Australia and have kept us Aussies away from our beloved classifieds , not because sex based classifieds are illegal in Australia , not because Australia seems to have any problems with sex trafficking but simply because these businesses are not based in Australia, they are not governed by Australian law and really they have no real interest in helping us Aussies out if it doesnt fit in with what is happening overseas.

Well we here at Sex Sells are as Aussie as it gets , we love our sex workers, our escorts , our masseuse’s, our missed connections and our men and women seeking personals , We miss it all !

and what’s more why should us Australians miss out because of laws and problems anywhere else other than Australia?

So, we bought it back! Its legal, its free and it isn’t trying to trick you into clicking on 1000’s of totally irrelevant popups and we only allow personals ads (sorry guys sell your old couch elsewhere)

Note: South Australia is still a little behind the times and Prostitution is still illegal (really its true ) any paid services in S.A will have to be removed , This is a Sex Sells community area so please respect the laws of your state prior to posting and report anything that you see that you believe to be illegal so we can remove it ASAP

All paid sex advertisements should include a state registration / license number

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