Posted by Molly on June 21, 2020

If you have been thinking of experimenting, your first-time girl on girl experience can be pretty daunting and overwhelming. Regardless of how certain you are, or how much girl porn you've watched (which FYI, isn't always practical) vaginas are extraordinary and just like the penis they are all different. So if you need a few hints on the best methods to try a bit of girl on girl action , the information below is a must have to get things started - from how to beat the nerves, to which easy sex positions to attempt.


No doubt you're thinking, "How on earth will I know what to do?" this is perfectly normal. On the off chance that you've had sex with a man previously, this will help in regards to what you do, it may seem odd but information is similar whatever sex your chosen partner may be. You will quite possibly discover being intimate with someone of the same sex as yourself can be an absolutely amazing eye-opening experience.


If both of you are virgins on the girl on girl front (or at all), the first time may be a little cumbersome and while unlikely perhaps not immediately great. But remember, practice makes perfect! It sometimes takes time for individuals to get into a state of harmony and understand what the other one enjoys. Slide into your sexy outfit, unwind, and appreciate one another. Don’t over think it, try not to race into things. Simply let it occur and don't rush through the foreplay, take your time and savor the moment.


Much the same as everything else in life, in sex, everybody and every partner is different. Some girls need firm rubbing on the clitoris, while others prefer their external lips or G-spot stimulated. Regardless of whether this your absolute first experience with another vagina or your 2000th, you ought to go into it with an apprentice's attitude. Ask Questions! Check-in! Focus on how your partner reacts to your touch and modify your strategy as required.

If your girl seems to want more than kissing and the mood is there, don't be afraid to get a few fingers in there. But start slowly. Slide one (possibly two) fingers inside gradually, slower at first then quicker. Switch between the two rhythms and ask her which she likes. "Try not to get disheartened if your girl is into it but says “it’s not working “ Simply take a stab at something different. If you're a visual person, you may want to ask them to give you a demonstration as to how they like to please themselves.


Not all sex is penetrative sex and bringing a strap on into play is by no means an absolute necessity. Actually, not all women appreciate penetrative sex or will feel great trying different things like a strap on, and that is alright! That is the reason you must communicate with your girl." On the off chance that you both need to give penetration a shot, it may require a little pre planning since you'll require a few strapon’s or dildos close by (don’t forget lube!). If you haven't yet gone sex toy shopping what are you waiting for? Things like vibrators come in every single distinctive shape and size. Some are very realistic and have veins and are skin-conditioned while others are shimmering or rainbow and less suggestive of a penis. There is a wide range of strapon’s as well. For your first strap on, I suggest one that is customizable and that fits many body types, however, you may discover you have more control with a different fit.

You have your gear. now what? If you're the one wearing the strap on, practice thrusting with it on in private, become accustomed to the feeling with it on , the weight. Possibly have a go at jacking off with it.


Very few girls don't care for having their boobs touched, so aim for some boob and areola play, as a general guide, start softly a some girls boobs are more sensitive than others. Cup them carefully, follow them delicately with your fingers, kiss them delicately. Do whatever it takes to get the motor running. Once everything is working out well take a stab at licking her areolas and move onto some soft sucking.


Gently part her external labia and lick up from the vaginal access to the clitoris (this has the additional advantage of allowing you to discover the clit on the off chance that you are a little unsure –. Concentrate on the clit and licking around it. perhaps insert a finger or two (if they're OK with that!) simultaneously include touching the boobs once you have the hang of it then swing around to the “69” position so she can return the favor.


Not exactly sure if you are ready for just girl on girl? (or it is too daunting ) but still want to try experimenting until you decide ? try adding a male partner that you both feel comfortable with , lets face it if everyone is on the same page threesomes are super-hot, share your man around (I’m sure he wont mind being used as a tool in your girl on girl experiment) perhaps start with your man , while gently kissing your new female partner and take it from there , but make sure everyone communicates!

This is my personal favorite situation as you get to cross two things off your sexual bucket list.

I really hope using this first timers guide really helps with some extremely hot girl on girl adventures.