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Orgasms Are Better Down Under Thanks To Sex Sells

Posted by Jenny on June 18, 2020

The COVID-19 pandemic has made dating, and meeting new people for that matter, impossible since restaurants, movie theaters, bars, night clubs other places where people come together for dating are closed in an effort to keep them as far apart as possible. This is great to help slow down the spread of the coronavirus, but horrible for people that are seeking amazing orgasms.

Why Can’t Women Just Meet Up With Strange Men at Their Home

Most women don’t feel comfortable having a man that they’ve never met before coming over to their home just as much as they don’t want to go over to a man’s place of residence that they have never met before in person. So if women can’t meet up with men to go out on dates due to everything being closed, and if women don’t feel comfortable going to a strange man’s place of residence, or have that stranger come over to their place of residence, then how the heck can a modern women achieve an orgasm during the time of a pandemic

Australian Women & Men Are Still Achieving Orgasms Thanks To Sex Sells

Just because people in Australia can’t meet up to have sex during the time of a pandemic, like the one we find ourselves in, doesn’t mean that they can’t achieve amazing orgasms thanks to an Australian company by the name of Not only does provide women with the best sexual wellness and pleasure products found anywhere else in the world, but they have a HUGE supply of male oriented sex toys as well. is more than a sex store; they have a very sexy and extremely friendly adult chat network that allows horny Aussies the opportunity to communicate with one another!

Sorry Mate, But Female Orgasms Are Better With Sex Toys!

Sex toys totally have an unfair advantage because they’re man-made and specifically designed to get a woman off, but wow does wide selection of female oriented toys provide the modern woman with such intense orgasms!

Sex Toys Help Women Reduce Stress

With everything going on in the world today with COVID-19 and the uncertainty it’s causing, both stress and anxiety are building up. Sex toys can give you a safe, private and quick way to let off some of your built up stress so you’re ready to face the challenges of life once more. Right now is the time when we need sex toys more than ever.

Sex Toys Let Women Discover What “Turns” Them On

It’s important to really know what turns you on. With’s wide variety of sex toys you can try something different every night of the week! Vibrators and dildos are most women’s go to solo toys, but have you tried them at the same time? If not you should! In fact I recommend you try using the B Yours Sweet n Hard 6 Clear Dildo simultaneously with the Bgood Deluxe Blue vibrator at the same time to achieve the best orgasm you may ever experience down under.

The B Yours Sweet n Hard 6 Clear Dildo

Get back to basics! Blush Novelties Sweet n Hard 6 is a realistic dildo with a slight curve and a sturdy suction cup base that holds to any smooth flat surface for solo time. Or partner up for strap-on harness fun! Sweet n Hard 6. The body’s slim shape and the head is tapered for easy insertion. To clean use soap and water or a toy cleaner then let air dry. Contains no phthalates, latex nor parrafins. Body Safe. Size: 8.5 Inch Length x 2 Inch Width Our products are 3rd party tested for product safety.

The Bgood Deluxe Blue Vibrator

The Bgood Deluxe is oh so good. Understated and elegant, this 6-function massager conjures powerful vibrations on targeted areas for overall arousal. Designed with a gradually broadening contour, you’ll savor the subtle difference of size. This waterproof device opens the door to creative play while the red backlight offers a sensual glow in the dark. Enjoy the velvet touch of our nonporous silicone and glossy ABS plastics that provide minimal cleanup for spontaneous and inspired play.

Sex Toys Help Cure Insomnia

Insomnia and sleep problems are the actual worst. Using a sex toy to masturbate is a great way to get your mind and body ready for sleep whether you’re anxious, have a thrown off sleep pattern, or your mind won’t shut off. Using a Pillow Talk Kinky Pink vibrator to achieve an orgasm before you go to bed causes the body to get exhausted due to the release of dopamines and oxytocin. Not only will these toys help a woman get a great night worth of rest, but she’ll do so with a smile!

Pillow Talk Kinky Pink

Kinky from Pillow Talk is a dual motor vibrator that is specially designed for clitoral and g-spot stimulation simultaneously. It has four crown- like tips that have been designed keeping in mind some major pleasure points. The elegantly arched body of this rechargeable vibrator with contoured lines on either side targets the G-spot and the curved clitoral arm works on the most sensitive areas to give pleasure. The cushioned texture of this vibrator’s handle makes it easy to hold and the Swarovski crystal bedazzles this luxurious sex toy.

Sex Toys Help Women Enhance Their Overall Mood

Due to the release of endorphins when an orgasm is achieved, masturbating with sex toys makes you happy. You don’t have to reach a full blown orgasm to relieve a little tension while using the Sexy Things Slimline Vibe, but just simply teasing the genitals will do the trick to turn any frown upside down!

Sexy Things Slimline Vibe White

The Slimline Vibe is a seven inch, multi-speed vibrator with a classic shape and a modern pearl finish. Twist-dial base gives you control over your preferred speed destination, while the waterproof seal gives you choice of location. Play in the shower, bath or hot tub with this durable, waterproof vibrator. Made from body safe ABS plastic, Slimline Vibe is also non-porous making it safe to use with water-based, silicone-based and hybrid lubricants. Motor runs on 2 AA batteries, not included. Easy to use and clean. The Slimline Vibe is a classic made better by Blush Novelties. Helps Women & Men Achieve Orgasms During A Pandemic

Right now is not the time to give up on having orgasms down under just because you can’t find a partner to help get you off, will help you achieve all of the orgasms you need doing the COVID-19 pandemic, and will continue helping you achieve orgasms even when the pandemic has passed.’s wide selection of female and male oriented sex toys is allowing all horny Aussies the ability to enjoy much needed orgasms during the time of social distancing. No matter what you need to help get you off down under, has it available for you!