How to Relax and Have Great Sex.

Posted by Shaina on May 6, 2020

Everyone wants to have great sex, but it’s often a lot easier said than done. Most of the time the problem is learning how to relax. Your mind shouldn’t be focusing on anything else during sex besides pleasure. If you find yourself worrying about what your partner is thinking or remembering random errands you need to do, the sex is likely to be disappointing. Below are a few tips that will help you loosen up during sex and enjoy the experience to the fullest.

Communicate with each other

Communication during sex is such an underrated way to feel more comfortable in the bedroom. By talking to each other during foreplay you can finally stop second-guessing yourself. If you’re not sure whether or not your partner likes it when you spank their ass, then ask. A great phrase to use while you’re trying to be sexy is also, “What do you want me to do to you?” If you’re not sure exactly what your partner likes, this is the perfect way to find out. Of course, this communication goes both ways. While you work to determine which buttons your sex partner likes rubbed, make sure you’re communicating your own needs. Be vocal about what feels good, and don’t be afraid to grab a hand and put it exactly where you want it to touch.

Appreciate your body

Confidence is seriously sexy, so stop fixating on perceived body flaws. I can guarantee the person you’re about to have sex with doesn’t care if you’ve gained five kilo's recently or if you’re an A cup. Once you learn to love your body, your sex life will become so much better. You’ll stop feeling self-conscious during sex and finally be able to relax. Also, if your partner tells you they like a certain part of your body, then believe them. You might not like the smell of your vagina, but both men and women generally find it sexy as hell. Stop second-guessing it and just enjoy the sensation of someone going down on you.

Embrace pleasure

People have a lot of mixed feelings about sex. It’s been a taboo subject for a long time so learning to let go and enjoy pleasure can be hard. You shouldn’t feel embarrassed or ashamed for enjoying yourself during sex. Let go of the misconceptions and the fear of judgment and embrace the pleasurable touch of your partner’s hand instead.

Aim for pleasure

Having an orgasm each time you have sex can be an intimidating goal. If the pressure to orgasm is creating tension or distraction in bed, then reduce the urgency to climax every time. It should still be a priority, but it doesn’t have to be the main focus. Instead, make pleasure the central goal whenever you and your partner are intimate. Focus on the sensations your body is experiencing and you will get a lot more pleasure out of sex than if you were trying really hard to reach the big O. You can still have amazing sex even if you’re not both climaxing each time. A great way to enhance pleasure during sex is to introduce a few fun toys into your foreplay. If you don’t have a collection of toys already, now is a great time to add a few vibrators, costumes, and plugs to your sex drawer. It never hurts to add a little variety to your sex life!