Let Sex Sells Australia Put A Ring On It.

Posted by Jenny on SEPT 08, 2021

If you’ve never used a C-Ring, also known as a cock ring, or don’t even know what they are or what cock rings are used for, then buckle up because you’re going to learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about cock rings, but were afraid to ask!

What Is A Cock Ring?

Unlike some sex toys that have very interesting names tied to them, a cock ring is exactly what it sounds like; A ring that wraps around a penis in order to squeeze the shaft, or the balls, or both the shaft and the balls at the same time. Now the next question that might be swirling around in your head is “why the hell would anyone want this”.

What Exactly Does A Cock Ring Do?

Simply put, cock rings makes sex possible for a number of reasons, each one differs from the other!

Reason #1 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Erectile Dysfunction Treatment

Cock rings can help men who suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction) maintain a boner once again. One function of a cock ring is the slowing of the blood flow back from the erect penis, allowing it to stay hard longer….a partial boner is needed though, and just placing a cock ring on a limp penis is not going to transform it into a solid erection. Some men use penis pumps to help build their erection before placing a cock ring in it.

Reason #2 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Harder Erections

Even if you don’t suffer from ED (erectile dysfunction), cock rings can give you a bigger, thicker, and harder erection that can last for an extremely long time.

Reason #3 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Intense Sensations

Wearing a cock ring makes every sensation much more intense, which can make masturbation, oral sex, and intercourse more pleasurable.

Reason #4 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Give Your Girl Some Stimulation

A cock ring can pleasure the clit just as much as if can be pleasurable for the penis. Vibrating cock rings are great for clitoral stimulation!

Reason #5 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Hand Jobs & BJs Just Got Better

Using cock rings while getting/giving a handy or blowy makes the experience better than ever before. I suggest giving/getting a handy with a vibrating cock ring, while mixing it up with a flexible cock ring for the blow job.

Reason #6 Why Men Use Cock Rings: Something for the Booty

If you’re into “anal play”, then use a cock ring to take it to a whole other level of fun and pleasure. Be sure to use lots of lube if you are engaging in any kind of anal play while wearing a cock ring.

How to Use a Cock Ring

Now that you know “why” cock rings are used, if you’re intrigued and wondering how to actually use a cock ring, here are a few tips to help you out.

1 – Begin with a Stretchy Cock Ring!

Flexible cock rings are made of stretchy materials, like silicone, and are easy to remove, making them great for beginners. Once you become more advanced with the ways of the cock ring then you can start playing around with the metal ones, but let’s master the flexible cock rings first to avoid any complications.

2 – Don’t Put A Ring On A Boner!

Only place a cock ring on a flaccid or semi-erect penis because placing a cock ring over the penis head and sliding it down the shaft will typically be easier if the wiener is flaccid or semi-erect.

3 – Lube That Cock!

Spread a few drops of lube around the inner part of the penis before slipping on a cock ring. This will allow the cock ring to slide down a penis more easily. Also use lube when you’re ready to remove the cock ring to ensure any easy slip-off.

4 – Remove Cock Rings After 20 Minutes!

Never leave a cock ring on for longer than 20 minutes because blood flow restriction is usually safe in short bursts, and 20 minutes seems to be the universal recommendation.

5 – Condoms & Cock Rings

If you’re wearing a condom with a penis ring, put the ring on first, then place the condom on second once the penis is fully erect.

A Week’s Worth of Cock Rings

Just as there are 7 days in a week, there are basically 7 different type of cock rings, each one providing something a little different, for you to choose from: Vibrating cock rings, Basic cock rings, Adjustable cock rings, Double cock rings, Anal cock rings, Metal cock rings, and Stimulating cock rings!

Basic Cock Rings

Basic Cockring

Basic cock rings are what you think about when you imagine what a cock ring is. They’re simplistic in nature, just having one ring which grips onto the shaft of the penis. The only thing you can really change with this kind of cock ring is where it sits on your penis.

Cock Rings That Vibrate

vibrating cock ring

The main function of a vibrating cock ring is to stimulate both the penis and the woman’s clitoris at the same time. Some vibrating cock rings are disposable, and others come with a rechargeable battery, but regardless of anything, vibrating cock rings are the best cock rings to use if the goal is to provide intense pleasure for both the man and the woman at the same time.

Cock Rings Made Out of Steel

Steel Cockring

The most durable cock rings are the ones that are made out of steel, and are completely inflexible, and can only be placed on the penis when it’s still limp, or flaccid, so if you try placing this on an erect penis you’ll find out soon enough that it’s an impossible challenge. Because of this, you’ll need to know what size your penis is so you make sure to get the correct size steel cock rings; if you get too small of a steel cock ring then you could be in for a very painful experience, so make sure you get the right fir for the shaft you’re working with to ensure a fun and sexy experience.

Cock Rings That Are Flexible

Flexible Cockring

Flexible cock rings have a lot more give to them that steel cock rings do. The majority of flexible cock rings are made of a jelly type of material, while others are molded from a soft silicone material. Flexible cock rings are the simplest of cock rings, where you just put on your penis, soft or erect, and then can start using.

Solid Cock Rings

Solid Cockring

Because they have very little give when you wear them, solid cock rings are very similar to steel cock rings; they work just as similarly, and can be made of hard plastics, hard rubbers, metal, or even glass. Solid cock rings will be more likely to break than types of cock rings, so these must be cleaned and stored correctly if you want them to have a long lifespan.

Lassos Aren’t Exactly Cock Rings, But Kinda Are

Lasso Cockring

If you’ve never used a cock ring then you may want to start with lasso cock rings because these are similar to cock rings, but much more adjustable which allows you to experiment to find the tightness you prefer.

Cock Rings That Are Not PETA Approved

Leather Cockring

Just like designer jackets, some cock rings are made out of leather! Leather cock rings are adjustable which means that they have a little more give than a steel cock ring, but not as much as a flexible cock ring. This is great if some days you need a little more help than other days, so you can go for a slightly tighter setting. Leather cock rings require a little more care than any other style of cock ring because leather can absorb sweat, and all of those other bodily fluids released during sexual activities, so it’s very important that these are cleaned after being used.

Cock Ring Safety Tips

Cock rings are safe, fun, and add to the overall sexual experience, but make sure to follow our safety advice below so that all of your cock ring experiences are always pleasurable:

1 – Don’t wear a cock ring for more than 20 minutes at a time.

2 – Use a LITTLE bit of lube to make the ring easier to get on and off, and be sure to use LOTS of lube if you’ll be engaging in any kind of anal play.

3 – Don’t wear a cock ring if you have a bleeding disorder or a blood condition.

4 – Make sure you use the right size cock rings to ensure that you’re not cutting off the circulation of blood to your penis.

5 – Make sure that you’re not allergic to any types of materials that cock rings are made of.

6 – Treat cock rings like forks, tea cups, and plates, and wash them after each and every use.

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