The Ultimate Guide to Squirting.

Posted by Jenny on Feb 27, 2021

So let's discuss squirting and why all women need to experience as many squirting orgasms as possible!

Let's start this lesson with some quick background knowledge...

What exactly is squirting and is squirting even an actual real thing?

Squirting, also more commonly known as a female ejaculation, feels like a urban legend as most people have NEVER seen it in real life, but squirting is indeed a natural phenomenon that affects some women to the point of where they have no control of their vast ejaculate that is dispensed to the point of soaking the bed sheets

Squirting Female Ejaculations are Like Snowflakes Because no two Are the Same!

Squirting varies from female to female and no two chicks squirt exactly the same way. Some women can do this during every sexual encounter, some can do it sometimes and some chicks unfortunately don’t squirt at all (but likely haven’t practiced either)

Not every woman squirts. Most do it to some level quite distinctively at the point of orgasm.

Is Squirting Actually Pee?

NO ! Ladies really can ejaculate just like guys, but it is way cooler.

You see, scientists from our grandparent’s time thought that female ejaculation was just pee, but recent research from scientists has disproved the idea and confirmed the fact that ejaculating women do exist and it’s certainly not pee! (not that there would be anything wrong with it if it was) . What happens is that during arousal, fluid accumulates in the bladder and goes out through the urethra when the woman ejaculates.

People don’t really discus squirting aka the female ejaculation as it can feel very embarrassing but this is actually a perfectly normal occurrence.

What Does Squirting Feel Like?

Many women think they're peeing the first time they really squirt, but then quickly realize as it is a very different sensation and that they have indeed experienced their first squirting orgasm...Squirting feels really good, and so different from urinating.

What Does Squirting look like?

For most women, the female ejaculation looks like a clear fluid and around 60 milliliters is dispersed which tends to wet your sheets, yourself, and your lover as well.

Is Squirting The Same As An Orgasm?

The answer is both yes and no. Ejaculation for women is when the urethra squirts out fluid while having sexual intercourse with a partner or by themselves with sex toys. This can occur during extreme sexual arousal but does not automatically mean that the woman has had an orgasm.

Does Squirting Freak Out Men?

Many things can freak men out during sex, but squirting isn't one of them, in fact most men tend to find squirting very sexy this is because men are visual creatures and love to see evidence of pleasure on the woman, they're having sex with. It's possible that men feel like they have done an amazing job sexually in order to cause their woman to achieve a gushing female ejaculation! depending on the circumstance it can feel embarrassing or shocking there is certainly nothing to feel embarrassed by

Do All Women Squirt?

The answer is both yes and no. Anatomically, all women are created the same way. so technically, every woman has the capability to squirt. However, some women are not aware of exactly how they can squirt.

Every woman squirts in her own individual way and some squirt but don’t notice that they have as it is such a small amount.

Tips To Make Yourself Squirt

No matter what the reason is for you to wanting to squirt, It is one hundred self-learned and practice as always makes perfect.

Here is some advice that'll help all you ladies get your "squirt" on...

Drink Lots of Water

Since the plan is to squirt you'll need to make sure you're very hydrated, so drink lots of water!

Get Comfortable

Get comfortable and start watching some porn or start getting yourself horny with as many impure thoughts as it takes! Not reaching orgasm immediately and resisting is the key to great squirting.

G-Spot Stimulation Duration

G-spot stimulation has been found to help in squirting. Focus on yourself and find your G-spot. Add pressure on your G-spot and keep the pressure on...perhaps try a sex toy rather than your fingers.

Just Let Yourself Go!

It is so important to let go of every inhibition and practicing how to let it all go tends to work better when you are alone.

When you practice losing every inhibition by yourself, it will be easier to be uninhibited when your sex partner comes into the picture. This might be all you need to finally ejaculate and squirt like the boss bitch you are!

Best Sex Toys for Squirting Orgasms

I hate to exclude anyone but sorry guys if you're a woman that wants to achieve her first squirting orgasm this should start as a solo exercise and if you're a woman that wants to achieve as many squirting orgasms as possible, then you're going to need to get yourself sex toys that help women achieve squirting orgasms.

The best sex toys for helping women squirt are clit stimulators, kegel balls, glass dildos, suction cup silicone dildos, butterfly vibrators, waterproof wand vibrators, or strap-on vibrating dildos (wonderful for couples).

All of the above sex toys will help women achieve a squirting orgasm, but a classic wand massager might be the BEST of the BEST...but you can't go wrong with all of the toys mentioned above! and what’s more there is a large range of all of these toys on the SexSells Australia online store.

How To Squirt While Having Sex with a Partner

Squirting during sex is going to be a lot easier after you have practiced how to squirt on your own. Basically, once you expertly learned to manipulate your G-spot, you'll be surprised at how hard (and how much) you squirt during sex. If you want to squirt during sex then you and your sex partners should really master these sex positions...

Get on Top & Lean Back!

Reverse Cowgirl

Get It from Behind Doggy Style

Now that you have learned everything you've ever wanted to know about squirting it's time to start practicing so you can start experiencing all of the pleasures that come with the female squirting orgasm!

Love Jenny