How to Enjoy the Pleasures of Anal Toys.

Posted by Jenny on Jan 15, 2021

When most people think of sex toys their first thoughts are generally on clitoral stimulation, but believe it or not, there are many sex toys designed for both the female and male booty’s that can be just as pleasurable as sex toys designed for the penis and vagina! (Sex sells actually has a whole section on the online store dedicated to Anal Play)

To be honest I used to be scared of using anal sex toys because I had only experienced anal sex on a few occasions and let me tell you it wasn’t fantastic (but now I know this was due to inexperience)

During the COVID-19 lockdown of 2020 with nothing to do and being as bored as everyone else I started playing around with some anal sex toys, and now …..surprise surprise I LOVE all Anal sex.

Seriously, taking a sex toy in the booty can be extremely pleasurable and, in this article, I’m going to explain how women, and men for that matter, can enjoy all the pleasures of anal sex toys.

Also its worth noting, a lot of people including myself, fear using anal sex toys because we worry about um.. “having an accident” while playing around with our new anal beads or butt plugs, and we also worry about how painful these anal sex toys might be.... So, to put your mind at ease I will also share some of my new found anal sex toy tips with all of you women and men out there thinking experimenting with Anal toys!

Tips for Using Anal Sex Toys, Pay Special ATTENTION to Tip 6!!!

Anal Sex Toys Tip #1: -Start In The Slow Lane…

Listen guys, I know you’re going to be very excited the first time you start playing around with butt plugs and anal dildos, and you will probably jump straight into it as quick as you can …DON’T DO IT!!!

Make sure you go very slowly the first few times you begin experimenting with anal sex toys, and make sure you take notice of the receiving partner that is taking these toys in their butts to tell you how fast or slow to go.

Anal Sex Toys Tip #2: The Receiver Decides When To Increase the Speed Limit!

I’m just repeating what I already stated above, it’s very important that the lady, or man, with the anal toys going in-and-out of their buttholes to enforce the speed limit on the Anal Sex Toy Highway.

If you’re the recipient of the anal play, don’t be quiet, make sure you let your partner know exactly what speed feels the best.

Anal Sex Toys Tip #3: Go #2 Before You Start So You Don’t Ruin Your Sheets!

Everyone needs to understand that when you play with the booty it’s unlikely but “having an accident” may interrupt the party…No one should be shocked or embarrassed if it happens a quick cleanup and back on the horse so as to speak is all that’s required

The best way to reduce “having an accident” is to go to the bathroom at least 2 hours ahead of time.

Anal Sex Toys Tip #4: Lube Up for Some Foreplay!

A good way to start your anal sex toy adventures is to play with the receiving butthole by fingering it slowly for a good 10 to 20 minutes before you even think about sliding some anal toys into the booty….and make sure that you use a LOT of good quality lube during the foreplay process I would recommend the Natural Water Based Anal Lube (Product Code: 130873) from the Sex Sells online store

Anal Sex Toys Tip #5: If You Think You’ve Applied Enough Lube Then Apply More!

Seriously, make sure you have a LOT of lube available for your anal sex toy adventures…Lube really is the key to making anal sex toys enjoyable for both the man or the woman whoever is getting their booty holes stuffed with anal goodies!

Anal Sex Toys Tip #6: Don’t Go From The Booty To The Vagina

It’s very easy for us ladies to get a UTI (urinary tract infections) from anal play where anal sex toys are involved because many guys don’t understand that it’s not a good idea to go into a woman’s vagina with an anal toy after already having it in her booty.

So guys, make sure to wash, and thoroughly clean, any and all sex toys after they have been in a booty before even thinking about inserting them into her pussy.

For cleaning I personally use the Swiss Navy Toy and Body Cleaner (Product Code: 100034) from the Sex Sells online store

And ladies, most guys have no clue about this, so make sure you tell your man to not play with your vagina after he’s feasted on the booty buffet you just served him.

Anal Sex Tip #7: Numb Thy Booty with Anal Desensitizing Agent

Make sure you use an Anal Desensitizing Agent like the Relax Desensitizing Anal Lube (Product Code: 130874) from the Sex Sells online store when you start playing with anal sex toys! Trust me, In the beginning when your booty hole is new and unused, anal sex toys are a heck of a LOT more pleasurable when your booty is numb!

After you've played around with anal sex toys a handful of times you can slowly use less and less Anal Desensitizing Agents...but why take on the risk of any pain when you don’t have to?

Anal Sex Toys Tip #8: Start in The Doggy Style Position

The doggy style position is the best position for all anal sex toy rookies to start in. I also think it feels the best anyway, and seriously, don’t try any positions you’ve seen in pornos, those are pros, and they probably wish they were only using anal sex toys in the doggy style position anyway.

Once you become an anal sex toy veteran you can try switching up the positions.

Anal Sex Toys Tip #9: Ladies Should Masturbate When Something Is In Their Booty…

I always masturbate while using anal sex toys for a couple of reasons: First, it feels really good, and second, it will take your mind off of any initial pain or stress you feel during the first few times you have anal sex toys going in and out of your rear.

Anal Sex Toys Tip #10: Don’t Drink Alcohol the First Few Times You Experiment with Anal Sex Toys…

This is for both men and women alike…. if you’re too drunk things may hurt for a number of reasons…you may go too fast, not use enough lube, or go from booty to vagina…. I suggest no more than 1 to 2 drinks the first few times you fool around with anal sex toys!

Anal Sex Toys Tip #11: Be Super Clean Ladies Before and After…

I can’t stress enough Please make sure you really wash your booty and toys before and after messing around with anal sex toys…cleaner is just always better...

Anal Sex Toys Tip #12: Not Everyone Is Going to Love Anal Sex Toys, But Give It A Chance…

I hated anything in the butt the first few times, but now I really enjoy it, but it did take me a few times to figure it out practice makes perfect…so I suggest that all of you ladies and gentlemen out there try using anal sex toys at least 5 or 6 times before calling it quits...because if you do, it’s more than likely there will be a 7th time, then an 8th time and a 9th....

Thanks for reading

Love Jenny