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Introducing Nan our resident Sex Guru

Posted by The Sex Sells Team on January 17, 2020

Hi Guys, I’m Nan Carrows but you can just call me Nan!

I felt it was important to let you guys know from the get-go why on this great Aussie continent there is a picture of a wrinkly old lady on a Sex site ?

Well its like this when the team wanted to launch An Australian site dedicated specifically to that sweet sounding three letter word S E X, well to be frank they needed someone with life experience , someone who could be trusted to know the ins and outs of the Sex Game and as everyone is a equal on gender, age or sex didn’t matter … So they used the Google machine to simply find the best sex guru in the business to guide the team in all things Sex and well here I am.

Now I may not be all up with this computer thing but if the team at have the technical know how to put this fantastic sex site out on the internet and teach even me how to buy sex toys off our Online Adult store then they can definitely teach you a thing or two as well.

There’s no need to laugh or be embarrassed I went through the 70s 😉 and I can assure you I have seen it all …We have nearly all been for a roll in the hay at least once or twice and for most of us in one way or the other Sex is a everyday part of life, so whether you are 18 or 80 , Straight , Gay , Bi , Lesbian , Trans whether you like it MMMMF or FFM or anywhere in between as long as its legal we want you to be a part of our Community …. Its like our own little commune on the line.

You will find we have setup various areas on the site: On the main page is our Sex Blog which you can catch up on what’s happening in world of the Sex or choose to contribute if you have something informative or unique to share , What I believe to be the easiest and best online Adult store in Australia is accessible by clicking on any of the links that say "Shop Now" this is where you can trust our team to discreetly deliver your favorite Dildos , Vibrators, butt plugs , lingerie , bondage gear or whatever Adult Toys your heart (or genitals) desire , Our dedicated Chat Room where you can chat in real time to other Aussie guys and girls and our Forum where you can post anything from General advise to secret sexual confessions , If at any time you get a little too hot and need a breather just click either Back or on a picture of me and you will return to our Safe Room / Blog site / Main Page (there’s a picture of me on nearly every page you could say I’m the safe word around these parts)

Please make sure you checkout the Terms of Service, Guidelines and various rules and links around the site, in a nut shell respect every other community member you come into contact with while using this site as we want everyone to have a Safe, Legal and Fun experience.

So, go forth have Fun, Learn, and share as much or as little as you want (but always practice safe )

See you around