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Polyamory Myths Debunked and How It Can Save Your Marriage.

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Swingers: How to hunt for your perfect unicorn ?.

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Are classifieds for sex just a thing of the past ?.

Does anyone remember Craigslist personals? Classifieds for Sex, if you were a internet user prior to 2018 we .....More

Lockdown Sex Positions.

Lets face it in many parts of Australia (Especially Victoria) there is nothing to do during lockdown .....More


This is the essential first step to turning a person on. You can .....More


If you have been thinking of experimenting, your first-time girl on girl experience can be pretty daunting and overwhelming.....More

Orgasms Are Better Down Under Thanks To Sex Sells.

The COVID-19 pandemic has made dating, and meeting new people.....More

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How to Relax and Have Great Sex.

Everyone wants to have great sex, but it’s often a lot easier said than done. Most of the time the problem is learning how to relax. Your mind .....More

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